Some good news

2015-11-28 03:13:17 by MangosteenMan

Just got my first gig composing music for a video game, so that will be fun. I don't know who looks at my posts but if you're reading this, feel free to be happy for me!


2015-11-25 04:44:12 by MangosteenMan

Greetings. I am but a humble musician seeking to better understand the universe that surrounds me. As I travel I create songs, seemingly out of thin air, in the hope that you (the listener) will cherish your time spent listening.

I do hope you enjoy my compositions, as I'll mainly be posting original work on this thing

If you find my compositions pleasing to the ear, let me know by rating, commenting, or by simply by following me here, or on my soundcloud. Also, while you're at it, check out my band on facebook.